Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Arabic Makeup Trends

NM nak cuba makeup mcm ni weekend nnti, hope menjadi..klu jadi NM akan share kt blog ni ok?  Nampak mcm tak susah sangat...apa2 pun kita cuba dulu erk.  Siapa nak jadi model? angkat kaki.......!

Arabic makeup is best known for its dramatic emphasis on eyes and lips. This particular makeup style consists of dark and dramatic eyes, bronzer and bold lip colors. While many individuals believe that the goal of wearing makeup is to subtly emphasize your features, Arabic makeup takes a much bolder approach.

The Arabic culture seems to be stylish, attractive, and mysterious. Gets all the sensual arabic look applied into your makeup using our tips and guidance to take advantage of the magical arabic image.

Explore the latest awesome and elegant arabic makeup styles and trends for different occasions and functions.  For more info, please log to http://www.sheclick.com/

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